4 Reasons You Should Not Dispose of Mango Leaves.

Mango fruit is a summer fruit that is perfect for desert areas. It is rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, and minerals such as potassium, copper, and magnesium.

Mango leaves are also of nutritive value. They work as a herbal medicine with a lot of medicinal properties. Their benefits are extended to the extent that they are also given much attention in eastern medicine.

The following are the benefits of mango leaves.

1.They lower blood pressure.


Photo from Medisave uk via flickr.

Mango leaves have hypotensive properties that help to lower blood pressure. The hypotensive properties strengthen the blood vessels, and also they treat the disorders of varicose veins. Therefore you should not throw away the mango leaves but instead consume them.

2. They treat kidney stones and gall bladder stones.

Photo by jacek proszky.

Consuming finely ground powder of mango leaves mixed with clean water breaks the stones and then flushes them out of your body through various ways such as urine.

3. They treat bleeding dysentery.

Finely powdered mango leaves when mixed with clean water and consumed three times in a day help treat the problem of bleeding dysentery.

4. They regulate Diabetes.

Photo by nick youngson.

Young mango leaves contain tannin called anthocyanidins that can treat diabetes at its early stage. They also treat diabetic retinopathy and diabetic angiopathy.

To prepare the mango leave juice, soak the leaves in water for a few hours, then strain them and consume the distillate. This water will help relieve the symptoms of diabetes and also treat hyperglycemia.

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