5 Morning Practices That Guarantee Weight Lose.

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Being overweight can be irritating sometimes, and many people find it difficult to cut weight. However, reducing weight does not involve a complete change of your lifestyle, but a few changes on your daily routine can help you lose weight and get back on track.

This article will provide five simple morning routines that will help you shape up your body and enjoy your social life.

1. Eating a Breakfast That Has High Proteins

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Many people consider breakfast as an essential meal of the day, and it can determine how your day will be. Medical experts recommend taking a healthy breakfast because it determines the performance of an individual during his or her daily activities.

A breakfast containing high proteins help reduce cravings and help in cutting weight. A study was conducted in twenty adolescent girls, and the results showed that consuming proteins in the morning minimizes cravings for other meals than the regular diet without proteins.

In another study, the findings showed that proteins are associated with less gaining of fats, especially when consumed in the morning. Eating of proteins in the morning also reduces the daily eating and hunger compared with breakfast without fats.

High protein breakfast also helps weight loss by reducing the secretion of ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone that increases the appetite to eat.

Consume foods like yogurt, cheese, nuts, eggs, and chia seeds in the morning. They have high proteins that help in weight loss.

In summary, breakfast with high proteins helps in losing weight by reducing appetite and production of ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone.

2. Engaging in Morning Exercise.

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Engaging in some morning exercise like jogging can also increase the chances of losing weight.

A study was conducted in sixty overweight women to find out the impact of exercising at different times of the day.

The difference between those who exercised in the morning and those who did exercise in the evening was not much, but those who did practice in the morning had higher chances of losing weight than those who worked out in the evening.

An advantage of exercising in the morning is that it helps to keep the blood sugar levels steady in the day. When blood sugar is low, there are adverse symptoms like excessive hunger leading to cravings for eating.

a study in 40 individuals with type 1 diabetes showed that exercising in the morning leads to improved control of blood sugar.

In essence, working out in the morning improves blood sugar control hence helping in weight loss.

3. Having enough sleep

Petr Kratochvil ” sleeping woman“. via public domain pictures.net. cco public domain.

Sleeping early or waking up late also help increase weight loss. The recommended time for proper sleep is 8 hours, and sticking to this time increases weight loss.

Many studies show that lack of enough sleep leads to increased appetite and hunger, especially for foods with high calories.

In recent research, 12 out of 40 individuals consumed an average of 559 calories after getting four hours of sleep compared to when they slept the recommended eight hours of sleep.

setting a good sleeping schedule along with eating a balanced diet and exercise can increase weight loss significantly.

In summary, lack of enough sleep increases appetite and also causes an increased intake of calories.

4. Changing Means of Transport

jorge lascar ” lascar bicycles, the most common means of transport used in beijing“. 26/11/2008. creative commons attribution 2.0 generic licence.

Some people are used to driving and this is not convenient for your waistline. According to research, using public transport, walking, or biking helps the lower body weight, and it minimizes the chances of gaining weight.

The study showed that people who were used to driving have higher chances of gaining weight than people who are used to biking and use of public transport.

In summary, the use of public transport, walking or biking increases weight loss than driving.

5. Drinking alot of water

mmmktk555 ” water drinking drops” 15/9/2017 via pixabay. free for commercial use no attribution required.

Having a glass of water in the morning is an easy way of increasing weight loss.

a glass of water in the morning enhances your energy expenditure or the number of calories your body burns for at least one hour.

A study on overweight women showed that those who increased their water intake to one litre per day shed 2kg for one year without altering with their diet or working out schedule.

Drinking a glass of water in the morning and remaining hydrated during the day is an excellent way to increase weight loss without using a lot of energy.

In summary, increased water intake decreases appetite for food intake, and this boosts weight loss.

What is your opinion on the above habits?

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