Top Reasons You Should Lift Weight and Train Your Strength.

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Most of us understand better that training and lifting weight is essential because it helps us to be fit and be in shape. However, it is not easy to be inspired and start working out. In this article, I will be giving you the top reasons why we should begin gymming and training.

  1. You Become Stronger.
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Majority of the people, including myself, believe that training and hitting the gym makes you fierce and unstoppable, and this is not far away from reality. Working out also makes you stronger in other aspects of your life, such as handling stress, doing your day to day activities and increasing your performance at work.

One fact is that when you apply stress on your body, it responds by utilizing what it has to overcome the fear. Stress, in this case, is the exercise and during training, your muscle fibres break down.

since your body perceives the break down as a danger, it uses the nutrients in it to rebuild the muscles to cope up with the same stress if it happens again.

To build strength and muscles, you should not apply the same stress over and over because your body will adapt to it. Shift from lightweight to more massive pressure, and that is how you are going to be healthy and active.

2. New challenge and Interest is added to your routine.

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Doing the same exercise over and over can be annoying sometimes. Trying out different workouts and routines is the best way to spice things up and get going to achieve your health and strength goals.

The good thing about strength workout is that you have a wide range of exercises to choose from and different routines to try out. These challenges make working out more exciting and fun.

Always give yourself a challenge and add up something new to your workout to make it fun and exciting. Do not make training seem as if it is a punishment or something you are forcing yourself to do. Just make it enjoyable.

3. It Reduces The Risk of Blood Pressure.

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The risk of hypertension increases with age, but training regularly can have a significant impact. Do not worry a lot if your blood pressure is at its worst because you can still manage it.

Daily exercise makes your heart more stable, and a healthy heart pumps more blood with little effort. When the heart uses low energy to pump blood, the force on the arteries decreases and hence reducing blood pressure.

When your blood pressure is at a recommended level (120/80 mm Hg), training can prevent it from rising just like your age. Practice makes you maintain desirable weight which is another essential aspect in controlling blood pressure.

Talking about exercise and training, I do not mean that you should enroll for a marathon or any other tough workouts. Get recommendations from your doctor and start slow activities such as jogging then go harder with time.

4.It Boosts Stability, Balance and Flexibility.

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Flexibility training is among the exercises that involve balance, strength and endurance. All these practices should be included in a healthy workout routine.

You do not need to perform them every day, but the more often you do them, the more your body becomes healthy, fit and the workout becomes more interesting. For example, Yoga exercises can make you more flexible, stable and fit.

Also doing lower body strength exercises such as squads helps to gain stamina and have a balance.

Flexibility gives you more freedom of stretching for other exercises as well as your daily activities. Therefore, do more flexibility exercises such as yoga to stay flexible and fit.

What is your thought on the above topic?

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